Pink triangle? Vagina? Pink triangle? Vagina?


Maybe it’s because I’ve been at this a while — and by “this”, I mean “kissing boys” — but I have a hard time looking at a pink triangle and seeing anything other than a symbol for gay rights. But then, I’m not Danish or a woman, and maybe if I were a Danish woman this ad would be slightly less confusing:

Apparently, it’s an ad for a website for ladies — a no-boys-allowed space where womenfolk can talk about Euclid and their ovaries and hypotenuseseseses away from the prying eyes of penis-owners. Frankly, I thought Orkut was doing a fine job of that, but what do I know?

Thanks for confusing me again, Denmark. First, you salt the goddamn licorice (and call it SPUNK), and now this. Great.

Ad credits:

“Geometry? Waxing? – Talk about all your issues”

Advertising Agency: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Jesper Schmidt
Art Directors: Martin Jørgensen, Bue P. Peitersen
Copywriters: Bue P. Peitersen, Martin Jørgensen
DTP: Lasse Salling
Published: March 2010

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