Jeremy Piven Shirtless, Or, Why Are The Hot Ones Always Bananas?


This was Jeremy Piven over the Memorial Day holiday, chilling on the beach in Malibu:

And this is Jeremy Piven in a completely different situation — possibly from Entourage, but I don’t know, because Entourage is another one of those things I’ve never bothered to bittorrent:

Which raises the question: why would a sensible guy with a fairly good physique order a full-body wax (especially now that hirsute men are in vogue), and tan himself to a color that falls somewhere between “traffic cone” and “Donatella Versace“?

Which raises the answer: a sensible guy wouldn’t; therefore, Piven is senseless.

Word to the unwise: body hair is the friend of the middle-aged man.

[Memorial Day monstrosity via SocialiteLife]

3 thoughts on “Jeremy Piven Shirtless, Or, Why Are The Hot Ones Always Bananas?

  1. spazmodeas

    Based on the picture of Wayne Newton behind him, I think the fur picture is actually from _Very Bad Things_ from 1998. If I recall correctly, a good chunk of that film takes place place in Las Vegas. (I’m also basing that on the expression on Piven’s face, but I won’t explain why in case you haven’t seen the film yet.)


  2. Wester

    My god. Hairy piven I would let fuck me on a bed of broken glass, waxed, I might let him drink my piss. Out of a used slurpee cup.


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