Even Wusses Like Me Can Stick It To BP With The Black Oil Firefox Plugin


Earlier, I mentioned the mild mental paralysis that the BP oil leak has inflicted on me. (Soon to be followed by mild physical paralysis, I’m sure, if the wind keeps whipping those fumes up from the Gulf.) From my writing, you might think that I’d given up on the disaster and tuned the whole thing out, but not so. Or well, not entirely.

I’m as furious as everyone else in New Orleans, but I tend to make my statement in my own way. I reblog. I retweet. I trash talk.  And yesterday, I installed Jess3’s  Black Oil Firefox plugin, which covers every online mention of “BP” or “British Petroleum” with a black, inky smudge. (Future versions will allegedly do even niftier stuff like grayscaling BP websites: that’ll show ’em.)

Admittedly, the plugin doesn’t do much for real journalists digging up dirt — and mud and oil and sound bytes — but for overwhelmed wusses like me, it’s a way to feel like we’re doing something subversive while doing absolutely nothing at all.


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