Tumblr Goes Black To Raise Awareness And Money For BP Oil Leak Recovery


If you’re a Tumblr user — and I know some of you are — you might’ve noticed that the website went black over the weekend. Not black as in “went down”, but changed its color scheme. Personally, I thought it was an aesthetic choice (that blue was getting a little old, no?), but it’s actually part of a campaign to raise awareness about the BP oil leak and raise money for recovery efforts.

If you have a Tumblr account, click over to your dashboard, and right below the “tracked tags” field you’ll see a “donate” button. Just like the widget says, for every $5 you send to Save Our Gulf through that widget, Tumblr will also send $5. And as a professional fundraiser, lemme tell you: a 1-to-1 match is nothing to sneer at.

If you don’t have a Tumblr account…well it’s free, and it’ll put you in touch with 95% of all bears and teenage girls in America. Surely that’ll pay off down the line.

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