Today, In Effeminate Men Of The Italian Renaissance


Andrea Mantegna, "The Court of Mantua" (detail), ca. 1471-74, Camera degli Sposi, Ducal Palace, Mantua, Italy

Miss Blondie Akimbo on the right is all like, “Yes, bitch, I know my stockings don’t match. Look around! I am au courant, honey.”

4 thoughts on “Today, In Effeminate Men Of The Italian Renaissance

  1. filmdango

    Decent concept – but didn’t anyone teach these writers you win by doing good work, not by mocking the competition?

    The low-quality video comes off as bitter instead of clever. I expect more from Gambit’s (semi) new regime.


  2. Richard

    I think you meant to place this on another post, but I’ll let slide, just ’cause you’re a nice guy.

    That said: I agree with you, but I’m also amazed/in love with the fact that GAMBIT has gotten so edgy. True, not all snark works, but I appreciate the effort, and I’m willing to wait for better.


  3. filmdango

    Yes. Yes. And Maybe.

    Yes, I meant to comment on anotherpost!

    Yes, it truly is a good thing to see an alternative paper actually presenting an alternative to traditional journalism. That’s rare with any weekly paper nationwide.

    Me a nice guy? Maybe…


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