Today In Advertising With Stereotypes


First, this ad from a South African fast food restaurant called Nando’s:

Yes, it’s an offer for a complimentary soft drink, valid only for three hours, only to Uruguayan citizens, and only if Uruguay loses to South Africa in the two teams’ World Cup face-off tomorrow. It is cheeky and edgy and slightly funny, but maybe not so much for Uruguayans, who are probably tired of being confused with their drug-producing Colombian and Bolivian neighbors.

And here’s ad #2, which comes from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which is apparently a pretty conservative agency. Despite the weird-ass, Little-Mermaid-under-the-sea color scheme, it was designed for Rainbow Month, known in many parts of the world as Gay Pride. Voila le fabulousness:

I, um, well. Hmmm.

So, we’ve got Nando’s laughing at Brown People — not that South Africa has a reputation for doing that — and the LCBO laughing with The Gays, kinda.

Exhibit A is clearly in poor taste, but it’s not especially surprising given the testosterone-laden, pissing-contest nature of the World Cup. I’d expect more from a sport that just came out of the closet, but you know: baby steps.

Exhibit B isn’t much better. I mean, I think it’s great that a governmental agency has given support to Pride celebrations — even if it’s only advertising support. But something about the copy seems a little presumptuous, no?

All things considered, I think I prefer the Nando’s ad. Hell, at least the restaurant isn’t feigning any kind of camaraderie. And aggressively targeted ads like the LCBO’s always make me a little uncomfortable, anyway.

You know, this much indecision probably means it’s snack time.

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