Oily Mammals Are Helping The Gulf Coast’s Recovery


Dear Crude Boys:

Thank you for your support of the Gulf Coast ecosystem during this trying time. I think it is very important that we Americans stick together right now, even though the cooking oil in which you’re wrestling kind of prevents that from happening.

Surely, the Florida Wild Mammal Association appreciates the money you’ve raised, and surely, the wild mammals of Sam Clam’s Disco appreciate the sight of grown, mostly naked men in lacy underthings wrestling on Visqueen on a Sunday afternoon, so, you know: carry on.

[SFWeekly via Towleroad]

2 thoughts on “Oily Mammals Are Helping The Gulf Coast’s Recovery

  1. richard

    since so much has been a giant lie and gay men have been represented so poorly in person — think west hollywood — it comes that the oil spill in the gulf is as fictitious as queer hospitality or simply — hospitality in the states. pink is such a hideous color — but then again — so are unwanted people in the midst of a trash production posturing as something its not. when did gay men lose balls??


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