Tacos, Beer, And Men In Uniform


Some of my friends are throwing a benefit tonight for performance artist Antonio Garza. The guy — whose cojones are clearly bigger than my own — plans to ride his bike through the Arizona desert next month as part of a rolling one-man show that protests Arizona’s strict new immigration laws.

The benefit kicks off at 8pm with complimentary jambalaya tacos (yes, I think that’s “jambalaya tacos”) and beer, and the suggested donation is a wee $10. If you’re not already planning to come to our show — and of course, you’ve already seen it, right? — I highly recommend this one. Here’s the skinny.

In July, Antonio Garza will travel through the blazing Arizona heat on bicycle with his one-man show “Men in Uniform” to tell Arizonans what it is like to grow up hassled by authorities who did not think he looked American enough. His idea? Turn up the heat on Arizona’s new law, SB1070, which makes it legal for police to demand “documents” of anybody they think might be an illegal immigrant.

Antonio first performed “Men in Uniform” at the 2008 New Orleans Fringe Festival. The Fringe Alternative Theater Incubator (FATI) is now helping Antonio take it on the road by cosponsoring a fundraiser, 8 pm, June 25 at the Shadowbox Theater, 2400 St. Claude Ave, to show support for his ride from Phoenix into the Arizona hinterlands to perform wherever he can – at cafes, bars or churches. Doors open at 8 pm with free all-you-can-eat-and-drink jambalaya tacos and beer, and at 9 pm Garza will present a special performance of “Men in Uniform”. Suggested donation of $10 will help Garza cover the costs of bike tires and power bars to fuel his ride.

For more information, please visit http://www.nofringe.org/antoniogarza.html or contact Antonio Garza at antoniogarza@gmail.com 504-915-3539.

Can’t make the fundraiser? Send a friend in your place and support Antonio’s ride with an online donation (all donations will go directly to his project)!

And for those who came here hoping for a glimpse of cute servicemen, here’s one sans uniform:

One thought on “Tacos, Beer, And Men In Uniform

  1. malamapono

    pink underwear are so appropriate for the arizona desert — as the pink in little fluffy clouds or a varying seminar under a tent — love that photo as some differing theater would be appreciated — yet, i could say loads about how theater was dismissed by some pushing me back to this side of the border because cervantes would leave them shy of their pig trough back in vermont. missed you. britney bashing ?? shame. one could dissect sao paulo in a manner that could waste ink on madison avenue. have a beautiful evening — jonno’s toothpick photo was wonderful.


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