Not To Be All Schadenfreude-y, But…


I would like to hang a very large version of this above my bed for the next 50 years:

Lindsay Lohan: What? What did that bitch say?

Lawyerlady: That “bitch” is your judge, and she just sent you to jail for 90 days and to rehab for 90 days beyond that. All because you violated your probation for two — yes, two — DUIs. That’s what that the “bitch” said.

LiLo: But, okay, you know, like, what does that mean?

Lawyerlady: That means you’re going to jail.

LiLo: Ha! I can’t go to jail, dummy. It’s summer! They don’t have jail in summer! Who hired you?

Lawyerlady: They do have jail in summer.

LiLo: Since when?

Lawyerlady: Since always. It’s jail.

LiLo: Look, I don’t know where you graduated from, Lawyerlady, but I was in Mean Girls and the very popular remake of Freaky Friday, so I know a lot, okay…. [continued here]

[pic via SocialiteLife]

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