Prop 8, Bel Ami, And Ke$ha Should Probably Watch Her Back


1. There’s a lot of chatter about a verdict in the Prop 8 trial — namely, that it’s coming very soon. As in, maybe today. That could be speculation, but don’t be surprised. Assuming things go as I think they’ll go, and as many others think they’ll go, that would be a nice way to start the weekend.

2. Those Ke$ha dancing soldiers? (The Israeli ones?) They’ve been ordered to make an anti-dancing video. Frankly, I’d prefer they make an anti-Ke$ha video or at least put the Mossad on her skank ass, but then, I haven’t had quite enough coffee this morning.

3. Like most of my gay brethren, I enjoy porn now and then (translation: daily). But Bel Ami films have never been my thing, mostly because younger guys don’t do much (translation: anything) for me. But Matthew Rettenmund’s interview with George Duroy, the company’s founder is…interesting. I like stories about people who operate on the edges, and he’s done a good bit of that. However, Duroy seems completely clueless about condom use, and his comments in support of bareback films are irresponsible and outrageous. And he still wonders why the mainstream gay media won’t give him editorial coverage?

4. It’s funny, the way the world keeps shrinking. For months, I’ve seen the pic below making the rounds on Tumblr. Recently I learned that it was created (in part) by a friend from a former life (by which I mean 15 years ago), Adrain Chesser, who now lives in Seattle and makes photographic loveliness with the equally talented, equally lovely Steven Miller. Small, small, small.

*Beaster Bunny and Bear* by Adrain Chesser and Steven Miller

4 thoughts on “Prop 8, Bel Ami, And Ke$ha Should Probably Watch Her Back

  1. Wait, is Duroy saying only 8 people died as a result of HIV who worked on his films or only 8 people died in all of Slovakia? That seems absolutely impossible to me. I’d rather he just completely own why he’s doing it (for better sales) and stop pretending it’s so low-risk.


  2. Richard

    @Chriso: He’s saying that 8 people died in all of Slovakia — which is fine, except as he PLAINLY says, the majority of his customers live elsewhere, primarily in the U.S. Statistically speaking, his models may not be at much risk, but his customers damn well are. Ugh.

    @Steven: You’re very, very welcome. Caption and credit have been changed!


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