Comic Book People And Avid Doodlers: Pay Attention


I have never been able to draw.

Conceptually, I understand light and shadow and stuff, but I can’t translate that into a water pitcher and a bunch of overripe grapes. And that’s okay. Because I have loads of friends who are very good at such things, and as Mussolini once said, “I can’t do everything well, but I keep people who can very close at hand. Generally in prison.” (I paraphrase.)

Anyway: my friends who draw should pay attention, because Class Comics has launched a contest to create a superhero out of the hunky, muscly, go-go box-friendly Gay Comic Geek (at left). It’s kind of like making a costume for a paper doll, except this paper doll threatens to shove a bottle of poppers under your nose and rip into you like a sailor on three-day leave.

And just to make things interesting, they’re offering two versions of the character for you to dress — this one, which is technically clothed, and another, fully nude. Because a gay superhero is always (a) superendowed and (b) superhorny, I suppose.

The prizes include a lot of free comic books and — for the winner of the naughtier contest — a print of your costume concept as rendered by gay illustrator extraordinaire Patrick Fillion. Maybe that’ll get your gray matter fired up.

Anyway, more details below. Bonne chance.

How often do you have the chance to create a superhero? Well, this is it! Help us to Gear Up the Gay Comic Geek!

The Gay Comic Geek, Fanboys of the Universe and Class Comics have teamed up to bring you one super contest that will get your (creative) juices flowing!

Your job is to design your vision of a unique costume for the Gay Comic Geek in whatever format you work best in!

Use Photoshop on the computer, print the entry out and use pencil, ink and markers, blow it up on a canvas and paint in oil colors, or sew, knit and stitch together felt, leather and feathers!

The only catch is you have to use the Official Contest Images as the basis for your costume and submit it electronically.

It’s not just about getting the right color of spandex! There is so much more for you to be creative with. It’s about developing the alter ego and all the possibilities that come with it!

[full details at ClassicComics]

3 thoughts on “Comic Book People And Avid Doodlers: Pay Attention

  1. Drew

    Meh. Fillion underwhelms the hell out of me. He’s a nice illustrator, but a terrible storyteller. And, honestly, as an illustrator, I think he’s extremely repetitive.


  2. @Drew: Thank you! I feel like I am the only gay comic fan who doesn’t pant over Fillion’s work like a horny, rabid dog. I feel like the guys all have the same bodies with interchangeable heads. And while I like erotic comics I have never really been into dudes who are drawn with 2 foot dicks.


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