You Know What’s Worse Than Mel Gibson’s Crack-Ass, Racist, Woman-Hating Spewage?


The fact that dude is still hot, in a get-busy-behind-the-truckstop kind of way:

Or at least he was, as of two years ago. Here’s the original caption for that photo:

EXCLUSIVE: A wild-eyed and muscle-bound Mel Gibson experienced an impromptu bout of craziness Monday on the Boston set of “Edge of Darkness.” In between takes, the 52-year-old tore off his shirt, revealing his still-chiseled frame, picked his nose, and appeared grief-stricken as looked around aimlessly. He then climbed up on top of his trailer, as if it was the Empire State Building and he were King Kong. Channeling his inner beast, as portrayed in the crazed roles of the “Lethal Weapon” series and “Mad Max,” Gibson laughed maniacally and pounded his chest. Though Gibson is known for his goofy on-set persona, his outburst seemed particularly influenced by rage and madness.


5 thoughts on “You Know What’s Worse Than Mel Gibson’s Crack-Ass, Racist, Woman-Hating Spewage?

  1. I know. I’m conflicted by his hotness and his nasty assholeness. His neck was always a big turn on for me. Of course now I want to strangle it. Mostly.


  2. As a confirmed misanthrope, I can share his distaste for the human race, but since I am not specifically misogynistic I think that’s no way to treat a lady- albeit one that dresses like a sow in heat… and yah I would so do him.


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