New Orleans Culture: Stepford Housewives, Vetiver, And The World Air Sex Championship


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it:

1. New Orleans is losing (briefly, hopefully) a lovely woman, a fantastic writer, and a fabulous dog/house-sitter: Barbara Hermann. She plans to return later this year, but for now, she’s penned a beautiful adieu post about local parfumeur Hové and its magnificent “vetivert” line.

2. Former New Orleanian Ralph McGinnis and his pal Sarah Keough have just published their second issue of Put A Egg On It, featuring essays by another former NOLA resident of note, Miss Susie K, as well as one of my best friends, Elizabeth Pearce. It’s a whole $7, including shipping.

3. As you might’ve guessed from that photo above, we’re remounting The Really Desperate Housewives of Stepford Parish this weekend at Le Chat. You should buy your tickets now because it is 100% awesome. Also: it is freakin’ hot outside, so what else are you gonna do?

4. The Air Sex World Championship will stop at the Howlin’ Wolf on Sunday, August 26 Thursday, August 19. Apparently, air sex is kind of like air guitar, only “simulated fingering” takes on a very different meaning. Behold:

I’d say that I’ll see you there, but that’s my birthday, and I’m going to get drunk and go bowling like a sensible person.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Culture: Stepford Housewives, Vetiver, And The World Air Sex Championship

  1. crazyg

    Every year mamma and i would go to visit New Orleans, we would always stop into Hove and buy Vetiver root for out underwear drawers… Ahh mamories…


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