Hello, I Want To Travel The World And Get Naked


As a fundraiser, I love Kickstarter. It’s a great way for artists and small orgs to launch projects that might not otherwise get off the ground. Put A Egg On It raised dough for its last issue via Kickstarter, and my friend Amanda used it to fund her first professional fashion show. Both worthy endeavors.

I am less sure about Morgan Tepsic’s art project, but I am almost 100% certain that he will be fully funded because he is cute and funny and wants to get naked, and many people enjoy watching cute, funny people get naked. (Are you listening, Jason Sudeikis?)

Anyway, from Morgan’s Kickstarter page:

How this came about: Ever since I graduated high school in 2008, I’ve been traveling throughout Asia…when times got tough, I had to move back to my hometown of Oklahoma City, OK. When I was there, I made the most out of situation by working with what I had…there isn’t too much happening in Oklahoma, so I decided to add some life to it by getting naked and jumping. Being free and exploring every way possible.

What I want to do: I want to travel the world and get naked. I want to bridge the gap between art and exhibitionism, show people parts of the world they’ve never seen before, and fulfill a life-long dream of mine…having my own exhibition.

What the money is for: If my project is funded 100%, the money will be used towards traveling expenses, retractable pants, hostels, printing, mounting and framing my prints that will be shown at the exhibition. No luxury hotels, no first-class…we’re talking couch-surfing, sleeping in a hut in Laos, sweaty buses in India and walking around the Great Wall of China.

And yes, there’s video, which is not especially safe for work because there is nakedness and loud music, too :


Fish, meet barrel.

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