Andy Cohen Has Done Something To My Brain


When I posted that clip yesterday — the one from A-List — I knew that the show was going to run on Logo. I saw the Logo logo, I saw the copy at the end announcing its October 4 launch. Still, the trailer looks so much like every reality show on Bravo, that that’s what stuck in my head: this piece of crap is running on Bravo.

That says a lot about Logo’s derivative, mostly forgettable programming. It says even more about Andy Cohen and his Magical Elves pals, because, hey, they’ve laid claim to an entire goddamn genre.

It also raises some interesting questions, knowing that this is targeted so specifically to The Gays. Like:

  • Are we meant to emulate these highfalutin’ queens?
  • Surely not, right?
  • In which case: are we supposed to hate them?
  • Doesn’t hating people seem like a mean premise for a show? (Not to mention unsustainable. Viewers need someone to identify with.) For my own sanity and for the sake of the show’s narrative arc, I have to assume that at least one of the faggotinis will be a likable, down-to-earth guy.
  • How many other homos in the Logo demographic are going to switch over to Bravo when this pops on? I see one hand already.

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