Clearly, The Catholic Church Has Run Out Of Metaphors


While traveling in Mexico, two Vatican prelates have criticized Mexico City’s new gay marriage law.

The marriages of gay and lesbian couples are an imitation, the bishops said, Mexico’s El Universal reported.

“A gay relationship is like decaffeinated coffee, you do not wake up,” Father Gonzalo Miranda, a bioethics professor at Regina Apostolorum University, a pontifical university, said.

[OnTop via Towleroad]

Miranda’s statement was made from the balcony of the hotel room he shared with Confirmed Bachelor #2, Monsignor Elio Sgreccia. Both seemed a little groggy.

One thought on “Clearly, The Catholic Church Has Run Out Of Metaphors

  1. richard

    if i recognized that andy had balls, i’d reference his site. yet, after seeing the manner in which many faggots live in a ghetto bubble without raising voice to their participation in exceedingly stupid productions– uh, no thanks any longer. i love my faggots with balls. those guys have none.


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