Sissybounce + Cracked-Out Drag Queens + Booty-Poppin Bears = ONE EPIC PARTY


I don’t go out much these days because I am often sleepy and easily disappointed. Between my work schedule (I get up at 5am) and my hard-to-shake-off, been-there/done-that jadedness, nightlife doesn’t usually keep me awake.


But Saturday night’s party at the New Orleans Candle Factory — hosted by New Orleans Airlift — was EPIC. With a lineup that included MC Sweet Tea and sissybounce star Big Freedia and cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs drag queen (and closepersonalfriend) Christeene, it was bananas up in that place.

And best of all: the bouncing baby bear who did as Big Freedia commanded and put his ass in the air, ass in the air. Jonno has video. Awesome video. (FYI, if you get an error message after clicking that link, just refresh. Tumblr has been hemorrhaging fuckups for the last 24 hours.)

See if you can spot the contingent of Uptowners who bailed on the New Orleans Museum of Art’s Odyssey Ball and ventured downtown for fun.

2 thoughts on “Sissybounce + Cracked-Out Drag Queens + Booty-Poppin Bears = ONE EPIC PARTY

  1. I think the “bouncing baby bear” must be part of Big Freedia’s act! Either that, or he’s made bounce-dancing his life’s work. I’ve seen this routine of his (novel at first, mind-numbing at the 30 minute mark) at Sissy Nobby shows, Big Freedia shows, at St.Roch on the dance floor. He’s good, but a bit obsessed…


  2. OH Hell!
    If I had known sissybounce and Christeene were gonna happen together I would have swam the 4500 miles home to see that.
    They need to extend Miss River Bridge to Moloka’i


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