Summer’s Eve Goes On A *Listening* Tour?


Summer’s Eve feminine hygiene products has embarked on a multi-market “listening tour” to gain insight into women’s understanding of the role hygiene plays in their lives, both practically and emotionally.

The effort, which involves conducting focus groups and holding conversations with women nationwide, comes on the heels of a proprietary quantitative study of how women think and feel about their bodies. The results, it says, show that more than 40% of women misidentify the vagina on an anatomical diagram….

“We found that while many women feel they are more than ready for the word ‘vagina’ to become culturally acceptable, the majority of women struggle with unresolved feelings that render the term itself difficult to use,” Hall says.

[MediaPost, emphasis totes mine]

I don’t really know how to process all that information except to say (a) even this very gay dude can find a vagina on a map, and (b) ladies, if you don’t feel comfortable saying “vagina”, please, let me say it for you — it’s one of my favorite words. In fact, it’s the first word in the phrase “vagina handbag montessori”, for which I’m pretty well known.

Also: I had no idea that Summer’s Eve was owned by Fleet, but obviously, it makes perfect sense.

3 thoughts on “Summer’s Eve Goes On A *Listening* Tour?

  1. It makes all the sense in the world that Summer’s Eve is owned by Fleet — especially as no can really be sure of where all those ladies have been squirting their Summer’s Eve all this time! Sheesh.


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