The Senate Repealed DADT, Not The Prejudice Behind It


To all the people who keep worrying about gays throwing circuit parties in foxholes: does that happen at Starbucks? Or Kinko’s? Or McDonald’s? Or any of the thousands of other places where gays and lesbians are currently employed? When it comes to work, we’re just like everyone else: we do the job we’re paid to do. We don’t have a secret agenda to turn every hardware store into a bath house or womyn’s music fest.

Just because Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is on the way out doesn’t mean that lesbian and gay soldiers will be. I mean, I’ve labored in some very open and accepting workplaces, but I’ve never barged in on the first day and started gabbing about my fondness for poppers and anal beads. Do McCain & Friends really believe that queer servicemen and women are going to come bounding out of the closet now? The repeal may get rid of the policy, but it doesn’t get rid of the prejudice.

And another thing: just because the military can’t fire anyone because of sexual orientation doesn’t mean that they can’t discriminate because of sexual orientation. There’s nothing (at least now) that says gays and lesbians have to be treated equally in the military workplace. That’s a whole different ball of wax — one that may get addressed as the DADT repeal rolls out, but it ain’t there yet.

2 thoughts on “The Senate Repealed DADT, Not The Prejudice Behind It

  1. konamango

    yet, it doesn’t allow them to be discharged without their benefits package or deal with systemic prejudice. you’re right, prejudice doesn’t disappear rapidly. nonetheless, i’ll say it doesn’t help when some productions showcase several gay people as being incredibly un-supportive of queer people who do varying degrees of service for the nation as well as the glbt “community”. i would say that i have encountered military who have been more supportive than excessively adolescent and hardly supportive behavior from some gay men and women!! happy holidays to jonno and you.


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