Obvious: I Would Rather See Robson Green Naked Than Watch LiLo Play Sharon Tate


Over the weekend, I learned two unpleasant things:

A. Lindsay Lohan may play Sharon Tate in a new movie about Charles Manson.

B. Robson Green doesn’t get enough airtime on BBC America. For the unfamiliar, here’s a screencap of him in Being Human:

And another:

And one from Wire in the Blood, which we do not get in the U.S., but which I will lobby for very soon.


5 thoughts on “Obvious: I Would Rather See Robson Green Naked Than Watch LiLo Play Sharon Tate

  1. The first two or three series of “Wire in the Blood” played on BBC America some years back. None of the newer ones have appeared as of yet. They were excellent. Even Val McDermid was crazy about little Brobby.


  2. Richard

    Wow, how did I miss that? Then again, how did I miss saying hello and congrats to you the other night at the Big Easy Awards? I’m so easily distracted.

    Regardless: thanks for the info, and congrats on the big win!


  3. I feel like Lindsay’s almost been in a lot of films over the past couple years, and even though all of them have sounded awful, she never gets the roles. Sad, sad Lilo. Good for Sharon Tate, though!


  4. Richard

    @Barbara: Funny how people still feel a real connection to Tate. When we did VALLEY OF THE DOLLS a couple of years ago, we put in a “helter skelter” joke, and it got booed every night! Of course, we hammed it up and used it to our advantage, but it was weird that after four decades, she’s still held so dearly by so many.


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