3 Recent Ads About Men And Their Junk (And 1 That’s Just Plain Weird)


The most unsettling part of this shot is the placement of the urinals so close to the door, which is terrible feng shui.

“At least your feet won’t feel uncomfortable.”
Advertising Agency: AJF Partnership, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Joshua Stephens
Art Director: Michael Gagliardi
Copywriter: Michael Skarbek
Photographer: Chris Budgeon
Published: April 2011

* * * * *

On the upside, this one encourages men to take video of themselves pissing, which someone’s bound to enjoy.

* * * * *

Yeah, but can we touch it?

Advertising Agency: Frank Unlimited, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Zach Hitner
Creative Director / Copywriter: Forrest Healy

* * * * *

As promised, the weird one. On the surface, it’s an ad for a nutritional and sports consulting firm in Brazil, but at heart it’s about chubby men having sex:

FYI, there’s a print version:

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Brazil
Copywriter: Adriano Alarcon
Art Director: Adriano Alarcon
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John
Head of Art: Benjamin Yung Jr
Agency Producer: Ana Flávia de Lucca, Vivi Guedes, Victor Alloza
Accounts: Patrícia Marinho, Pedro Fuhrer
Production Company: Hungry Man Br
Director: Carlão Busato./a>
Executive Producer: Alex Mededff
Line producer: Erica Coelho
DOP: Russo Loyola
Editor: André Melo
Editing Company: Hungry Man
Music Artist: James Jamute
Sound Design: Jamute Áudio
Post Production Supervisor: Rodrigo Oliveira
Post Production / 3D : Átomo, Hungry Man
Scene Art Directors: Thiago Bastos, Adriano Alarcon, Carlão Busato, Zarella Neto
Art Researchers: Adriano Alarcon, Carlão Busato, Zarella Neto
Graphic Designers: Adriano Alarcon, Carlão Busato
Costume Designers: Silvia Costa, Bianca Scorza
Stunt Coordinator: Vagner Martão

* * * * *

Sorry, I lied: one more. This has nothing to do with men and their wangs (well, not overtly), it’s just offensive and homophobic. Ironically, it’s from the bisexual paradise known as Brazil.

“Germs just can’t reproduce.
Lysoform disinfectant”
Advertising Agency: DPZ Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Francesc Petit, Fernando Rodrigues, Diego Zaragoza, Rafael Urenha, Marcello Barcelos
Art Directors: Cícero Souza, Mauricio Kumazawa
Copywriters: Beth Bylaardt, Mariana Horta, Thomaz Dantas
Illustrator: Super Lúdico
Art Buyers: Sophie D.Lanes, Márcia Granja
Published: April 2011

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