Sarah Palin, The Undefeated, And Chinese Propaganda Posters


A new graphic hit the interwebs yesterday: a poster for the upcoming “documentary” about Sarah Palin called The Undefeated.

I say “documentary” instead of documentary because by all accounts The Undefeated is a glossy, image-buffing story of Palin’s brief life in politics (made briefer when she voluntarily moved out of the governor’s mansion). Presumably the director’s goal is to generate interest in Palin before she announces her candidacy for the 2012 presidential race and to encourage the public to forget certain things about her — like about 90% of what we’ve seen captured on video. Oh: and the fact that she’s not actually “undefeated”.

But whatever the film is or isn’t is a little beside the point now, because I can’t get past the poster. Have a look:

Does that remind you of anything? Stylistically, I mean?

Maybe I’m crazy — and I’m definitely no scholar of art history — but all that symbolism, that heavy-handed collage, and the weird, cut-out effect remind me of nothing so much as Chinese propaganda posters. This isn’t a great example, but, you know:

I understand that propaganda posters of all sorts — “good” and “bad” — have a similar look. They tend to deify the central characters, make them look larger than life. But as one of those people who criticized Obama for playing the role of “messiah”, you’d think that Palin (or those trying to make her more palatable to people with actual human brains) might’ve opted for something more…subtle.

Of course, the five-pointed stars aren’t helping. Come to think of it, I’d never really noticed the similarities between the flags of Alaska and mainland China. I’m not implying anything about my Chinese or Alaskan or Chinese-Alaskan friends, but observe:

But you know, this is all just me. I’m sure that most people looking at the promo image for The Undefeated would see it for what it is: a terrible hack-job of a movie poster.

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