Would You Like To Eat Dinner Off A Leather Daddy? Of Course You Would


My sister has never been a slouch. In the ten years I’ve known her, Tiff has managed to juggle half a dozen careers, creating her own music, designing custom animations, editing videos, DJing, and on and on and on.

Now, she’s added another job to the mix: housewares designer. And she’s done it while completely reinventing herself, musically speaking.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Tiff had killed off her “Crazy Girl” alter-ego (with a traditional New Orleans jazz funeral, naturally), and been reborn as Grande Dame. As part of that transformation, she created a line of accessories for the mature, fashion-forward home, which are available at her Etsy shop.

I’m digging all the new goodies — especially the dinner plates called “Adam and Steve” and “Madam and Eve” —  but my favorite favorite favorite is the brightly colored leather daddy. Ordinarily, I’d call it quirky, fun, and effortlessly chic, but you’d probably accuse me of watching too much reality television. (Guilty.)

And of course, in the middle of all this, Tiff has released her first single as Grande Dame called “Black Leather”, which is available as a snazzy, limited-edition seven-inch single. Her new sound is a little rockabilly, a little psychobilly, and just the tiniest bit trashy — great road music as you’re driving over the river and through the woods this holiday season, IMHO. Check out the video below, which may not be safe-for-work (depending on, you know, where you work):

I strongly encourage you to grab the “Black Leather” MP3 and follow Tiff on her “Grande Dame” Facebook page. You won’t be her first fan, though. BP Fallon recently dubbed Grande Dame as his featured artist of the week. Score.

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