Not Surprising: Tea Party, Radical Christian Bigots Have Completely Hijacked The GOP Platform


Hurricanes are bad for many reasons. They destroy property. They interrupt the daily flow of life. And at a bare minimum, they leave you trapped indoors for hours on end, looking for entertainment.

Which is how I ended up on the Republican party website.

There’s a lot to take in at — especially the newly approved Republican platform. For example, there’s the crazypants obsession with the Founding Fathers’ religious beliefs and the GOP’s simultaneous, unironic disregard for the Founders’ insistence on the strict separation of church and state.

The platform also rails against “activist judges” — who are only “activists” when they rule against Republican litigants.

And in a super-classy move, the party enshrines homophobia at the tip-top of its platform, in the second and third items. For two full paragraphs, the GOP bemoans marriage equality, even though the majority of the American people now support it in some form.

But perhaps the most obvious proof that the GOP is completely out of touch America in the 21st century is on its seriously bizarre Coalition Support page, which attempts to prove that black, Hispanic, and female Republicans exist in the real world. (In particular, the banner about “Black Republicans” makes such people sound like sideshow freaks — which, according to recent polls, they may be.)

Here’s a quick thought for any Republicans passing by: if you need to devote an entire section of your website to prove that you’re not just a party for old, white men, your party is probably just a bunch of old white men.

Also notable: there’s no mention of LGBT Americans on the Coalition Support page. Not that I really expected there to be, but given the hullaballoo that the Log Cabin Republicans and Young Conservatives made with their pitch for a marriage equality plank, I thought there was a slim chance.

I can’t envision a day that I’d vote Republican, but I sure will be glad when Meghan McCain and her equality-minded cohorts wrest control from the wingnuts and teabaggers in charge now.

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