Oh My God Shoes


Shoes. Shoes are a problem.

These are among my favorites. They’re nothing fancy — just some Sketchers I picked up at an outlet mall. Still, they’re comfortable, they fit perfectly, and after six years, they’ve held up very, very well.

They are also made of leather. Cow skin. Ugh.

Finding vegan belts, bags, and other accessories is easy. Vegan shoes? Not so much.

First, you have to vet the ones made of leather and suede. That eliminates 90% of shoes right off the bat — especially dress shoes.

Then, there’s the question of adhesives. Most shoes are held together, in part, by glue. And glue, of course, is often made from animal products. So, even if a shoe is constructed almost entirely of canvas and rubber — like, say, the much-beloved Converse All-Star — you’re rarely sure what’s gone into it, much less that it’s cruelty-free.

In my book, the only way to find truly vegan shoes is to look for those that are advertised as such. I’ll warn you, though: the pickings are slim.

Dr. Martens has some vegan shoes in its lineup. They’re not bad, but they can read a little “80s”.

Macbeth sneakers? Cute, but a tad monotonous.

Flip-flops? Crocs? Not exactly work-friendly

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