Sochi Roundup: Brutal Documentary About Russia’s Anti-Gay Thugs, PSA About Russian Homophobia, New Pro-LGBT Ads From Chevrolet


From Hunted, a Channel 4 documentary about Russia’s “Occupy Pedophilia” thugs:

Another clip of “Occupy Pedophilia” in action. From the YouTube description:

In Hunted, a pro-gay activist (who’s actually heterosexual), offered an additional theory for the rise in homophobic violence. Said Katya Bogatch: “Right now it suits the state and the regime to organize this witch hunt because our economic situation, our pensions, our salaries, our healthcare, and our education are all getting worse. Understandably people need someone to blame. To stop people from focusing their anger at the authorities, the regime is igniting and maintaining this conflict and hatred. They are making people fight amongst themselves.”

A new PSA (that you’ve perhaps already seen) drawing attention to the problem of anti-gay violence in Russia and elsewhere:

And last but not least, two new clips from Chevrolet, featuring LGBT families and same-sex marriages. You can be cynical, you can call it pandering or niche marketing or whatever you want, but I know a few of the folks at General Motors, and I can assure you that they are 100% dedicated to LGBT equality. At first, I doubt it was easy for them to get the higher-ups to go along, but now, the whole company is onboard. Other companies large and small should follow GM’s example.

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