• I only sleep six hours a night. Is that okay? I know Thomas Jefferson supposedly slept only four, but that just seems wrong. For a lot of reasons. Not to mention bad for you.
  • I worry about the boyfriend and the hounds. Constantly. What if, what if, what if, and so on. I know Jonno returns the favor, but what about the dogs? Do dogs worry? Have they got my back?
  • I’m happy with my beard, but does it make me look too scary? I know I’m no oil painting to begin with. And it’s not like I want a job a Disney, where they don’t allow facial hair at all, despite being adored by thousands upon thousands of circuit bears. But can I keep the beard and not have couples cross the street when they see me ambling toward them late at night? Or do I care? I spent too much on my beard kits to care!
  • I have a lot of domains registered in my name. Am I ever going to get around to doing anything with them? I feel like I’ve dropped the ball. Am I lazy? Or just a prospector?
  • I have stuff in boxes in the attic that really ought to be thrown away. The boxes haven’t been opened in years. They’re cardboard boxes. Mice have probably destroyed them anyway. I think my diplomas are up there somewhere. I hate having stuff, but it’s a necessary evil. Do I have too much stuff? I feel like I have less than some of my friends, and I’ve been trying to get rid of a lot of it, especially since the storm. I want to be portable. But do I have too much?
  • I’ve built 90% of my purchasing decisions around the hounds. And Jonno too, but that’s different. Will this blanket hold dog hair? Will Tania be prone to chew on this coffee table? Is this what having a kid is like?
  • I wish some people were dead. Not a lot. Just a couple, really. But I worry that they’d end up as martyrs and ruin everything. Is that wrong?
  • I try to count calories, and I do okay ’till mid-afternoon, and then everything goes downhill. Am I doomed to heart failure? Or something worse? I know they say you should only eat until you’re 80% full, but I just can’t stop myself.
  • I’m trying to learn PHP. Really I am. But I just can’t stay interested. Is it too late for me? Am I forever limited to HTML and CSS?
  • I play a lot of videogames for someone my age. Am I compensating? Or avoiding something? Or is it okay? I like videogames. I’ve played them for most of my life. Is there a time to stop?
  • I’m so out of the loop as far as art and literature are concerned. I can fake my way through the art stuff, but the lit world has left me in the dust. Who are these novelists anyway? Can I be a full-time resident of the 21st century and be content with a bookshelf that stops at 1938?
  • I feel like I’m a total fraud when it comes to theatre. We put on good shows, and people seem to like us, but I don’t always know what I’m doing. Is that where my “artistic impulses” are kicking in, or am I just lucky?

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