Everyone’s busy, right? Everyone’s up to his/her eyeballs in holiday crap and office parties (a variety of holiday crap) and traveling and cleaning off desks and the normal junk of everyday life, right? Good. Then I won’t complain or moan about that here. I’ll just say that I’m praying to a variety of deities that it’s all over soon.

As a result of all the year-end mishegas, I haven’t really done anything worth mentioning–unless running around like a crazy person who’s seven minutes late to everything is “worth mentioning”. (I just mentioned it, so perhaps it is.) However, I have been pretty good about keeping up with my feed reader, which is sort of an accomplishment. Here’s a handful of people/places/things that have amused/annoyed me over the past week:

1. Germans, who are weird: I mean, we had some kooky stuff going on in America in the 1970s, but check this. Wait ’till the 25-second mark for the oddness to kick in:

[via boingboing]

2. Kevin Allman, who is awesome: Not only is Kevin an excellent writer, editor, and all-around newshound, but he’s also got a great ear for “voice”. His piece on Arianna and her sometimes-shady HuffPo made me laugh while hitting a serious, pointed tone. Someone in New Orleans is developing a real destination site, y’all.

3. The Times-Picayune, which is not so awesome: I know it seems like I rag on the TP an awful lot, but jeez…. I haven’t seen their news pool in a while, but I’m guessing that by now it’s staffed by a bunch of macaques clustered around an overflowing vat of chicory coffee and one ominous obelisk. How else to explain breaking-news headlines like “Homeless taking residence in abandoned hovels”? Really? What next? Humans digest food? (NB: David Cuthbert is a notable exception to the Picayune‘s rule of mediocrity–and he’s retiring in a few months. Game over, man.)

4: Scientists, who’ve posited another theory for the dinosaurs’ extinction: Apparently, volcanoes in India might’ve been to blame. It’s an interesting theory, but I’d give it more credence if the writers knew the difference between “its” and “it’s”. Damned yahoos.

5. My inner wuss, which I have come to embrace: I used to beat myself up about not being able to watch sicko vids–you know, all the Faces of Death stuff or that “One Man, One Cup” crap. “I’m a human”, I’d think to myself, “and this is all part of the human experience. I should be able to watch this. It’s important to be able to watch this.” But as I was flipping through sites the other day, I stumbled across something really horrific–something that had been captured on camera–and I turned it off. Five seconds in, I hit the stop button, and I realized: there’s a lot of information out there, including the 352 unread items dumped into my reader over the past 24 hours. I can be a little choosy.

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