Carnival 2009 is nearly over. At last. I haven’t been that social, I haven’t roamed the streets, but the few balls I’ve had have been draining. (Hmmm.)

I don’t have much to offer today in the way of wit or intelligence. (Do I ever?) All I know is that I’ve got to sweep and tidy and possibly shave before company arrives at 9:30.

I also have to make a couple of posts to the website I work for. The website is focused on cars, so my editor asked me to come up with a guide for driving on Mardi Gras day. (Hey, it’s the best angle we could find.) I built it in the form of a GoogleMap, which you’ll see embedded above. You’ll probably want to click the “View Larger Map” link, since you can’t really read much in that tiny window. Anyway, for what it’s worth. Enjoy.

Also for what it’s worth: this short, not-too-awesome clip of the Ste. Anne parade walking up Royal Street. I hope to put together a better video myself, but at the very least, this’ll give those who’ve never experienced Fat Tuesday a glimpse of what it’s like for locals. (Note: sorority girls flashing for beads not included.)

See you on Ash Wednesday….

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