Brian as “Miss Loose Slots” + Me

So I survived Fat Tuesday–but only barely. Maybe it was all the secondhand smoke, or maybe there was anthrax in the air, but Jonno and I awoke yesterday feeling like utter crapola. I feel slightly better today, but I’m still coughing like freakin’ Camille.


If you weren’t here, you missed a magnificent day. The weather was perfect–seriously, perfect–and everyone was in a wonderful mood. Jonno shot some amazing pics (as usual), but I didn’t even turn on my camera. I did, however, videotape the entire Ste. Anne parade from the upstairs window. When my editing suite decides to cooperate, I’ll post it. Promise.

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  1. Toddlington

    Oh, such grand shots. That boy of yours has an EYE, he does! I’m furious I missed you. And I see Angel and Pandora in your pix as well, whom I also missed. I’ll never be one of the cool kids, apparently


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