Alber Elbaz, fashion designer

Elbaz is very conscious of his weight, which influences his designs.

“I do things without décolleté, nothing is transparent,” Elbaz said. “I am overweight, so I am very, very aware of what to show and what not to show, and I am sure there is a huge link with being an overweight designer and the work I do. My fantasy is to be skinny, you see? I bring that fantasy into the lightness — I take off the corset and I bring comfort and all these things that I don’t have. What I bring is everything that I don’t have. This is the fantasy. This is the concierge that goes home.”

He also hates the idea of the ‘It’ bag.

“[T]here is nothing scarier than being ‘the designer of the moment,’ because the moment ends.”

full interview at New York Magazine

Also of note: Elbaz’s unfortunately unembeddable “screen test” for New York Times Magazine.

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  1. richard

    Okay, Jeremy, now you’re being ridiculous. Unless of course you got confused, and you’re talking about the Chuck Norris shot below. THAT I could believe…


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