Print media and the Republican Party

I don’t really think that the “death” of print media and the struggles of the Republican Party have anything to do with one another, but they’re both on my mind today.

On the subject of print: There are plans afoot to preserve dead-tree media–among them, prohibiting free access to online news and preventing search engines from aggregating information from news sites. I know that some of you adore the printed word–and to be fair, I’m one of those twee ‘tards who really enjoys cracking open the Sunday Times with a good bagel and coffee. But I almost never get the chance to do that, and I doubt I’d miss it if the opportunity if it were taken away forever. Nor would I miss crap magazines and junk catalogs flying through my mail slot on a daily basis. Books? Maybe. But as I think everyone knows, I’m not the nostalgic type: bring on the change.

On the subject of the Republican Party: My one flirtation with the Republican Party was back in high school, when I ran for Speaker of the House on the Republican ticket at Boy’s State. (That was mostly because I hadn’t paid attention to politics ’til then and was simply joining the party I knew from my parents.) I appreciate some Republican ideals, like fiscal conservatism, but I was raised to take care of others–something that Republicans aren’t quite as good at doing as the Democrats.

For example: I think welfare is a pretty good idea. Not perfect, but necessary. My dad (like most Republicans) bitches about Reagan’s “welfare queens“, but I live in New Orleans, and I see welfare queens, kings, princes, and princesses everywhere I go; they may not be living the quiet, humble life my father would prefer, but they aren’t eating at Commander’s whenever they like, either. The fact that they’re doing the best with what they can get doesn’t bother me.

All that said, even though I’m definitely more of a Dem, I’d love to see the two major parties working together on things. I know that’s a tall order, given the vast, nearly incomprehensible machinery that each party maintains and depends on, but a guy can dream, right?

Anyway, this interview that Rachel Maddow conducted with Meghan McCain gave me a tiny smidgen of hope. When it shot across my RSS (probably via Towleroad), I clicked play and planned to let it run in the background, but I found McCain so engaging that I watched the whole thing. To be fair, she’s only 24, and as she says, she’s not running for office, but still, a guy can dream, right?

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  1. filmdango

    On Print Media’s Death: Save a tree! Let it die. The percentage of die-hards who love to feel newspaper is really a very small percentage. I’m over it – the folding, the newsprint hands. All those ads. No thanks!On Repubs: Yes, time to work together. Don’t people realize the next election is four – ok, 2 years away?? Give it a rest for a year. Be nice. Like my mama says, kill those flies with honey, not vinegar! I think the Repubs feel desperate to be out of power. And for the Dems being in control after the Reign of Bush feels so damn good it’s hard not to silently gloat a little. But seriously, just keep it real people.


  2. Ralph

    Well, Richard, we at Print Fetish look forward to the end of newspapers, newsweeklies and populist celebrity gossip mags. We are interested in artful and intelligent print.


  3. Crazy

    were you a log cabiner??? ohh racey richard! i agree, let’s save the trees, there’s too much crap about creating waste… is it just me or does rachel maddoww talk REAL FAST???


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