Fun fact about “sturtle”


If you’ve glanced at my bio page, you may have noticed the origins of this blog’s name:

As for the name sturtle, it comes from a saying/read that was popularized by my friend Zod: “You’re so nelly, you put an ‘s’ in ‘turtle’.” Of course, the only way to carry out such a grammatic endeavor without sounding like you’re from Upper Slovenia is to put the “s” at the beginning of the word: ergo, “sturtle”. I know, it doesn’t sound particularly funny, but when pronounced with over-the-top sibilance a la Charles Nelson Reilly (sssssssssturtle!), it’s pretty freakin’ amusing.

So basically, I thought “sturtle” was a made-up word, nonsensical. But I was wrong. (Not for the first time.) On the Isle of Wight, “sturtle” apparently means “to frighten”. Which amuses and pleases me, although I am not nearly as frightening as I would like. Have a listen:

[via Ventnorblog

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