Garland Robinette: “you don’t want gay marriage, because you don’t like gays”


If you don’t live in New Orleans, the name Garland Robinette may not mean much to you. But here, he’s a fixture: a media veteran, a BMOC, a bigmouth. Although he’s anchored TV newscasts and was once married to New Orleans’ legendary Angela Hill, he now spends his time lording over local talk radio.

Now, talk radio is not exactly the most liberal planet in the modern media universe, but Garland is smarter than many on the airwaves, and his approach is compassionate and common-sensible. (Yes, I am aware that Limbaugh and Palin also fly the common sense flag whenever possible, but I think they’re being ironic.) Today, Garland published a piece on gay marriage, and apart from the fact that his keyboard seems a little sticky (minds out of the gutter, people), I’m pretty impressed.

I have one opinion on the gay rights controversy, and I know my opinion is correct, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Those of you actively fighting against gay marriage have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands.
I don’t believe your real reason for fighting gay marriage is because you are sooooooooooooooo concerned about the threat to the institute of marriage. If you were, you’d be protesting people like me. I have been married three times. Elizabeth Taylor and me are the biggest threats ever faced by the sacred institute of marriage.
Let’s not be a hypocrite…you don’t want gay marriage, because you don’t like gays. It’s that simple. You’re frightened by those icky things they do with their sexual parts. But, here’s another hypocritical part…have you ever seen what them-thar “heterosexuals” do with their private parts? Whoa, talk about icky!!!!!

[more at WWL]

Have those same arguments been made by other straight guys? Sure, but on talk radio? In New Orleans, Louisiana? Hmmm. Maybe not.

2 thoughts on “Garland Robinette: “you don’t want gay marriage, because you don’t like gays”

  1. malamapono

    and then they come into your bedroom …. and i'm wondering, what's more pathetic, people who are uptight about sexuality (and pollution issues) in themselves and others or those who exceed and hover in a strangers bedroom waiting for anything oddly intimate or foreign?? perhaps, the answer would come if i purchased myself a crystal crusted clitoris as a tongue twister.


  2. Greg Dean

    Not exactly talk radio, but…In the afterword to his plays Our Late Night and A Thought in Three Parts, Wallace Shawn wrote:"It can only be seen as funny that demogogues give speeches denouncing men who insert their penises into other men's anuses–and then go home to insert their penis into their wives' vaginas! (One might have thought it obvious that either both of these acts are completely outrageous, or neither of them is.)"


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