I’m moving! (Well, kinda!) But Dave Salmoni will keep you company!


For nearly ten years (believe me, I know), I’ve maintained this site using Blogger and its FTP publishing tool, but Blogger has opted to 86 support for FTP as of March 26 May 1. The company is encouraging everyone to migrate to Blogspot, the free, Blogger-hosted service, but I just can’t bring myself to do that — not yet, anyway. And so, I’m going to do what I’ve meant to do for some time: migrate to WordPress.

I am not looking forward to this. However, I’m familiar with WordPress, and I have a passing acquaintance with PHP, and I’ve never had much luck manipulating Blogspot domains, so I’m going to give it a shot. With luck, everything — including my RSS feed — should remain exactly the same, so you won’t need to do anything, really. Just sit tight.

In the meantime, please enjoy Dave Salmoni — awkwardly posed, awkwardly dressed (for Tyra), and, finally, just right:

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