The Heartbeat of America


In my part-time gig as a car blogger, I’ve been pointed to some ridonkulously, unintentionally hilarious videos. But this clip from Emblem Alive has got to be either a giant-size April Fool’s gag, or a clip from Christopher Guest’s newest oeuvre. I mean, it just has to be. Please tell me it has to be.

Just as good? The press release. To wit:

Emblem Alive™ is the most impressive vehicle customization. It allows a car’s emblem to actually be adapted! Using patent pending VeSAM™ technology, Emblem Alive adds motions to the car emblem. Motions include moving the emblem away from the vehicle at various speeds, twisting the emblem, etc. Precision actuators put the emblem in motion. Sounds are emitted by a high fidelity speaker system. The sounds match the make of vehicle. For example, a Ford Mustang can sound like a galloping horse! Actions are also available. Imagine the Ford Cobra spitting out water!

Yes, imagine!

FYI, there’s more where that came from.

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