Gratuitous post of your-hot-friend’s-beefcake-photography Wednesday

'Craig, Fall River Boys' by Richard Renaldi

'Craig, Fall River Boys' by Richard Renaldi

Richard Renaldi is one of my favorite photographers, and one day, I’ll probably take out a second mortgage so I can buy one of his larger-than-life prints. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to take out a third mortgage so I can build a new wall on which to hang it.

Richard Renaldi is also one of Jonno‘s closest friends from his New York days. Every so often, he’ll swing through for a visit with his equally handsome, talented partner, Seth. Good people, those two.

Speaking of New York, if you’re there, or if you’re going to be there between now and May 28, stop by The Gallery at Hermès (yes: Hermès, bitches) to see his “Touching Strangers” series. Philadelphians, you can view the “Fall River Boys” series (from which the photo above was taken) until May 2 at Sol Mednick Gallery. And Venetians (ciao, ragazzi!) check out his work at the Galleria Contemporaneo through next week. There’s a full schedule and more on Richard’s personal blog.

This concludes Art Beefcake Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Gratuitous post of your-hot-friend’s-beefcake-photography Wednesday

  1. malamapono

    i remember the houseofrenaldi and was stoked for him that he had lifted himself up to take that photo trip to many places with his travelling companion in beds around the globe. i’ll have a look at the others.


  2. Craig Fitzgerald

    Well this picture is me, I have a few more tattoos , just thought it was funny I came across it. Richard is an amazing photographer. He made me look somewhat attractive I’ve heard. I would have to say he is someone who will be remembered always.


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