I never really liked Amy Winehouse, but this is a little touching


Kind of like the photo of a dead girl — a dead girl you always considered the British equivalent of Macy Gray.

8 thoughts on “I never really liked Amy Winehouse, but this is a little touching

  1. Richard

    OMG, Ralph, she’s a one-trick pony working a street corner with a two-trick minimum. She’s a pile of smacked-up shtick waiting for her big, shiny comeback.

    Seriously: do the words “Macy Gray” mean nothing to you?


  2. malamapono

    like your fascination with stupid reality garbage, it’s amazing that you’d be one of those remotely attached to this drap story — guess i gave you more credit for being relevant to something with a spine and intelligence rather than that boring repeat of tabloid rubbish telling. snore. snore. snore.


  3. filmdango

    Wow – interesting. Although I’m not sure if seeing the “before” of Amy is pro- and anti-change that rock can make in our lives!


  4. Richard

    @malama: You clearly don’t know me very well, for I am a pop-culture sponge. Point me to your own blog so I can read your pithy insights on representations of queerness and otherness in postmodern Guamanian cinema, or whatever you provide for zhlubs like me.

    @filmdango: Yeah, I don’t think they thought that one through.


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