Your dad was hot, my hot friend is writing things, and other hot points of interest


1. Sparky (née Ultrasparky) has launched a website for his beautiful objet/magazine, Pink Mince. Issue #4 is titled “Your Dad Was Hot!”, and for a mere £4, it’s all yours, baby. Buy in bulk.

2. My pal and erstwhile theatre buddy, James “Jim” Meredith (not that James Meredith, obvs), has written a book in-between flights. He’s a steward for JetBlue, or in their kooky, gender-neutral lingo, an Inflight Crewmember. Anyway, the book is called Will Wadsworth’s Train to Nowhere, and it’s due out this month. I haven’t read any of it, but I’m sure it’s about 3,047% better than the self-help-o-rama being “penned” by Nomi Malone. Lots more info chez Bigezbear.

3. I have a new post up on Lurid Digs, which is ENTIRELY NSFW. In it, I debate the existence of god, twins, and ex-gays, but mostly Lava Lamp nightstands.

4. I’ve asked you before if you’re following Tamishir on Flickr, haven’t I? I’m pretty sure I have. Did you listen? Because he’s still motherhumpin’ brilliant:

2 thoughts on “Your dad was hot, my hot friend is writing things, and other hot points of interest

  1. Jim Meredith

    Thanks for the mention Richard. I had no idea. I just stumbled across this. Will be doing a book signing and party soon. Hope to see you.


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