6 thoughts on “Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Identity by George Alan Rekers

  1. There is a lot to read between the lines on this one.

    “Shape” is “shaped” in a curve, at a “queer” angle. And I like the phallic promontory to the right of the ‘Y’. Of course there’s an abundance of wood going on, and the trees behind daddy are lush and bushy while the sapling emerging behind the eager boy consists of naked, vulnerable branches. The predatory, invasive stance of daddy seems to be saying, “That’s right. I’m going through this log pile, splitting wood. And you’re next, little buddy!” But I think the most disturbing thing about this tableau is that the boy is smiling. Man, that’s sick.


  2. Mish

    What is the symbolism of the scythe in the hands of the man standing over the boy, when it should be an axe?

    A man reaping the fruit of the seed he has sown.


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