(Free) Music For A Tuesday Morning


Need a little motivation? Maybe some tunes to help you plow through that design project for the client who wants her display ad to look “edgy but traditional, with a hip hop frame of reference”? Or perhaps you just want something to drown out the pitter-patter of little account executives as they scurry through the cubicle warren? I suggest my sister’s kickin’ new podcast for Brooklyn Radio. Apart from ditties by Funkadelic and Jack White, she also spins something called Rootboy Slim & The Sex Change Band. To which I think we can all say: yowza.

The podcast — which you can stream or download — is on Tiff’s page for Brooklynradio.net. Look for the one called “Goodbye Frank Sidebottom & Gary Shider”.

Also: if Tiff’s Facebook status updates are accurate, I think we can expect to hear her some of her own new music very, very soon. Stay tuned!

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