Tuesday Beefcake: BRUTE by simon


'Inmates Struggle' from BRUTE by simon

99 times out of 100, erotic art is an oxymoron — the kind of thing done by amateurs (like me) who think that by grayscaling a pic and rotating it 15 degrees, they’ve turned a lurid, poorly lid snapshot into something suitable for framing. Not that erotic art doesn’t exist — it does — but it requires a certain je ne sais quoi.

What I find interesting about much “real” erotic art is the artists themselves — namely, their obsession with a particular physical act or body type. Think of all those Vargas girls, one after the other, thin and buxom, in lingerie, innocent and caught unawares. Clearly, Alberto had a pretty specific fantasy repertoire.

And so it is with one of my fave recent Tumblr finds: the London artist who goes simply by the name of “simon” at his website, BRUTE by simon. I’ll warn Mr. Huckabee and anyone else prone to ickiness that the image above is one of the tamer on the site. That’s a plus in my book, but you know: different strokes.

I’ll warn the twink-lovers, too: you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The model for most of simon’s work is a very beefy amalgamation of Bob Hoskins and Ed Asner. Which is also a plus in my book, but I can respect those who prefer Zac Efron over Zach Galifianakis. I don’t understand you, but I respect you.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Beefcake: BRUTE by simon

  1. malapono

    that is amusing but neither are appealing — just like the trevor project reminds me of flaccid prunes — maybe it’s the namer trevor that reminds me of the current fallacy and boringness of gay men as a bizarre closet type character i knew years ago. or people trying to sell me on music or music schools — after years and years of their emptiness and absolute SHIT hospitality — none of it means a thing. and thus, that picture is amusing, it reminds me of many things i’d have to tell you in person — but zak reminds me of my lizard that i had running loose in my apartment to ward off construction cockroaches while i was at uni — as delicious as sea urchin and any street urchin before the boring prudes came along as was exemplified this past season in phoenix. yet, i can now associate zak with trout in the stream as i enjoy camping in the mountains — removed from both zac and zach since it seems that mountaineering is both too difficult for gay men (or closed off by the problem of bigotry) in colorado or new york as urban alpining removed from pathology.

    once i thought of visiting new orleans to see one of your pieces, but alas it was right after katrina and i bypassed nola and even gave the faeries in tennessee some space since they were housing nola refugees. it could have been fun in other places, but alas — much of the u.s. hasn’t even grown up since 9/11 — too busy joking about a unibomber and not recognizing much of the boring eunuchs they’ve become. after all, some speak of pride but they’re busy in new york taking scat samples and scurrying about for their ny post reiterations. so perhaps, you can tell me why theater became so limited in visiting places — if it isn’t selfishness, hypocrisy, bigotry, myopia, ingratitude, flaccid spines, and paltry cultural intelligence and ignorance. any ideas?? fecal grants have already been provided and a decade of that putrid garden have shown the pathetic results. any other ideas??

    your input is amusing at times — and since your partner and i knew mutual friends — i’m reflecting on times in the states and abroad when much wasn’t relative to stool samples. thanks and have a beautiful day.


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