And Now: Jamie Bamber, Mostly Naked


I’ve spent the last couple of posts being analytical and thoughtful and stuff. I think it’s time for something lighter. Saucier. Beefier.

And so, since I’ve been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica recently, I present Mr. Jamie Bamber.

I missed out on BSG the first go-round. When it launched in 2003, we hadn’t had cable very long, and I wasn’t in the habit of watching TV regularly. (I’m still not, with the exception of Adult Swim and Morgan Freeman’s Wormhole — which, BTW, should be done as a porn parody to-goddamm-morrow.)

Anyway, BBC America started running BSG on Saturday afternoons, and since it’s been brutally hot lately, and since I’ve been working on a couple of home improvement projects indoors, I’ve been half-heartedly watching the show. And now I’m hooked. In the past week and a half, I’ve Netflixed my way through nearly the entire series. (Yes, I know the last episode is supposed to be terrible, but I can’t help myself. I’m OCD like that.)

There are loads of hot numbers on BSG, including Mr. Bamber. Ordinarily, he wouldn’t sit at the top of my list, but the directors have forced him on via an array of shower scenes and sleeveless t-shirt scenes and endless scenes of him on the verge of tears, which is always weirdly attractive.

And so, after a handful of episodes, I found my way to Google. One 15-second search later, and there he was, nearly completely nude, modeling for PETA — which is also weirdly attractive to me, since I’m a casual vegetarian (I don’t eat much meat unless I’m dining out), and I’d probably go full vegan if it weren’t so annoying to others and if I didn’t love yogurt and cheese so damn much. (Note to vegans: soy yogurt and rice cheese are not acceptable alternatives. Period.)

Another 30 seconds, and I’d found what looks to be the photo on which the PETA ad was based, with the copy blessedly removed.

Yes, I know the shot and the ad are several years old, but they’re new to me, and, well, it’s my site. So there.

P.S. In unrelated news, everyone can relax: The Situation is back on Jersey Shore after, like, five minutes of swearing he was over it. Ugh, thank god.

3 thoughts on “And Now: Jamie Bamber, Mostly Naked

  1. Richard

    @Jeff: I could not possibly agree more. Did you see him in OUTCASTS? The pilot, I mean? His looks are improving steadily.

    @Asta: In fact, I had seen that shot, just couldn’t find a large version lying around. I’m totally fine with either, though!


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