A Quick Apology (Feat. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)


A quick apology to anyone who might’ve tried to stop by yesterday. I decided I’d get all fancy and switch to a new webhost, and in doing so, I managed to flub the WordPress install/import big time. Ugh, Tuesdays.

I still plan on going through with the change — that is, if I don’t give up on self-hosting altogether and move to WordPress.com. But just between you and me, I think I’m too much of a nerd for that. (See photo for proof.)

By way of apology, here’s a photo of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall eating an ice cream cone:

Straight men, I gotta know: does that do anything for you?

2 thoughts on “A Quick Apology (Feat. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)

  1. Granted, I am not your requested demographic (by a long shot), but for the record, I much prefer Jamie Bamber pics, mostly naked, over Camilla pics, mostly hungry, any day of the week.

    Also, if you need to post royalty pics, might I suggest Harry in polo outfits or military uniforms (preferably non-nazi), or perhaps Bill in jeans, boots and a cowboy hat (from his recent Canadian adventures) … but again, just my preference.

    And best o’ luck with the nerdy web hosting issues …

    Just sayin-


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