My Sister’s Beautiful Funeral


When I first met my sister ten years ago, I knew Tiff had a flair for the dramatic. I knew it from her friends (many of whom we had in common), and I knew it from her photos, but most of all, I knew it from her music.

Around the time we met, Tiff had adopted a persona called “Crazy Girl”. Under that guise, she cranked out a stream of songs, including two of my all-time favorites, “Miss USA” and “The Rebel”.

Now, Tiff has entered a new phase in her work — and she’s adopted a new persona to go with it. Crazy Girl is being killed off to make way for Grande Dame. And of course, given our shared New Orleans roots, Tiff is throwing a bigass funeral to celebrate:

But of course, that’s not all. Tiff sent out a notice of the funeral, and she included a swell hostess gift, too. Scroll down for the link to get it:

You are cordially invited to my funeral. Thank you for your support over the years and see you on the other side! oxo cg

Welcome to the funeral of Crazy Girl. A girl who for 10 years ran rough shod over the London club scene, sticking 2 fingers up to authority and trampling all in her path. She lived fast and died young like so many greats before her. So, rest easy Crazy Girl and thank you for the memories. Crazy Girl 2000 – 2011 R.I.P.

Taking over the reigns from Crazy Girl, is Grande Dame, she’s a lady, she’s refined. Her sound is big, her style is large she is Grande Dame.

It’s tradition of the New Orleans Jazz Funeral to play a slow somber dirge on the way to the cemetery and once the body is buried, change the tempo to an upbeat celebratory number, with the congregation marching in a second line behind the band.

So to send off Crazy Girl, and introduce Grande Dame to the world, enjoy this animated short – Grande Dame – The Funeral.

I have a very special gift for your attendance, click the link below to receive a free download of this track. Enjoy!

I strongly encourage you to check out Tiff’s website and follow Grande Dame on Facebook. The official “Grande Dame” album is due out soon…

3 thoughts on “My Sister’s Beautiful Funeral

  1. scott f

    Sorry to hear of Crazy girl passing. She and I were all about the Cocaine talk.
    She will always be my Miss USA.
    Loved you Crazy girl,


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