Green Drinks For St. Patrick’s Day That Do Not Involve Food Coloring Or Beer


You might not think that St. Patrick’s Day would be a big deal in New Orleans. Between the debauchery of Carnival and the excesses of food/music festivals in March and April, does the city really need another day devoted to drinking?

Yes. Yes we do.

Like many places in the U.S., New Orleans has a huge Irish population, many of whom enjoy toasting their country’s patron saint every March 17. Thankfully unlike many places in the U.S., New Orleans drinkers aren’t satisfied with a few simple pitchers of green beer or a round of appletinis. They want something a little out of the ordinary.

And so, the League of Spirited Tipplers has culled a wee handful of tasty, green-tinged concoctions to put you in the holiday spirit. (We have resisted the urge to call them “shamrocktails”, because that is gross.) Enjoy them whether you’re at the Uptown parade, the downtown parade, or anywhere else, for that matter — just remember to dodge those cabbages!


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