Christeene Needs Your Help (And This Time, It’s Not An Intervention!)


Ladies and gentlemen: this is totally important.

International recording artist/drag terrorist Christeene is working on the launch of her very first album, and the girl needs your help.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why would the chaotic-neutral hooker-demon of the apocalypse need my help producing an album? Can’t she just beguile some unsuspecting otter with a soundboard to mix that shit around?”

Possibly. But it would mean so much more coming from you.

Just think of all the entertainment she’s provided over the past few years — both in person and on the tubes. Then think of how awesome it would be to have a whole Christeene album, and not just a folder full of mp3s you bittorrented from some scuzzy Dutch website.

And remember, people: Christeene isn’t just about musical meth. She’s philosophical and shit. Check out this weighty moment from in-depth interview with Dangerous Minds:

I think that the reactions that come from this work are so very important and need to be heard. All of them. When it all first started with PJ Raval and myself releasing the video for ‘Fix My Dick’, there were a ton of negative comments…especially from this one person who I think of as a kind of internet comment bully….this lone typist who throws verbal missiles from the safety of their stank couch, ya know? This person was so very upset on so many levels…I was called racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, and the next Shirley Q Liquor. Wowee! This is rough..I’m thinking. I’ve never experienced this kind of an attack before and it’s personal. It’s angry. It’s throwing labels at me. But at the same time it’s fuckin gorgeous and necessary. The stew has been stirred and hot sauce has been thrown in. Good. Very good.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you to contribute to Christeene’s Kickstarter project — which has just three days to go and is soooo close to making its goal — check out the video pitch below. That Sally Struthers bitch was never so convincing.

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