10 Opening Lines for Unwritten Novels


“On Sunday, Melanie awoke to sunlight streaming through the bedroom window, the smell of pancakes wafting up from the kitchen, and two giant moths where her hands used to be.”

“When the days grow short and trees shed their leaves, that is when they come, lurking in the deep autumn shadows to watch us.”

“My uncle was my first true love–unrequited, but true all the same.

“Mama died in my arms that night, her blood running over me the same way it had nearly 30 years before, when I slid from her womb into the arms of a half-drunk taxi driver.”

“The North Atlantic was cold, deep, and dark except for occasional flashes of gray below the spot where we were forced to tread water.”

“She was still there when I awoke, curled up beside me, snoring softly into my shoulder.”

“As it turns out, time-travel isn’t as complicated as everyone thought: it’s cheap, easy, and no, you don’t die if you meet your younger self, though touching them does leave a funny taste in your mouth.”

“The one thing in life that Ron hated — truly hated — was his name: three letters with no edge.”

“My suicide was the most magnificent that New York had ever seen.”

“Mark my words, honey: if a man ever gives you roses, run the other way and never, ever look back.”

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